Diploma of professional competence awarded to our students in Transport and Logistics

In June students in second year in  Transport and Logistics  were awarded the  diploma of professional competence, granted by the Directorate General of Transport and Mobility.


Guided itineraries for and by students in 1st year of Tourism

As in previous years,  students in first year of Guiding and Tourisms  have taken part in  an English guided itinerary  in  Barcelona . One objective was to see English class contents applied to a real situation.


Trip to Malta: Hands on Practice!

As we have been doing in the previous years, first year students in  International Trade and first year students in Transport and Logistics have visited Malta  to learn about the island's port and economic activity. This visit is part of the International Transport module.


Students in Tourist Guiding visit the Maritime Musueum

On the day of Saint  Eulàlia, one of the patron saints of Barcelona,  1st and 2nd year students in Tourist Guiding visited the Maritime Museum of  Barcelona. The visit was guided and commented by our student Joseph Mark Carreón , who is currently doing  his  internship at the  same museum.


Solidarity Market by Commercial Activities Technicians 2018

Future Technicians in Commercial Activities from the  ECAT LLuïsa Cura in Barcelona are organizing a Solidarity Market.




Morning Internatinal Trade students visit San Miguel

Morning students in first year of  International Trade visited  the facilities of the company San Miguel in  Lleida.


Visit to the Commercial Port of Barcelona

On January 19th, students in first  year of  International Trade of the morning shift visited the commercial port of Barcelona, as part of the contents included in the module of  International Transport.


Afternoon Administration and Finance students pay a visit to the headquarters of "'MGS Seguros"

Students in 1st year of Administration and Finance have visited the headquarters of the Insurance Company  "MGS Seguros", located in Barcelona. Our  students have taken  part in a tour to visit  the different departments of the company.


Students in International Trade and in Transport and Logistics visit the Border Inspection Post

1st year students in International Trade together with 1st year students in Transport and Logistics visited the BIP ( Border Inspection Post), which is located in the port of Barcelona.


French students visit and stay at our school. Cooperating with Lycèe Aragó, a school in Perpignan

Clara and Tyffanie, two students from Lycee Aragó in Perpignan, have attended classes at our school to be trained in the areas of Trade Management and  Marketing. They have highly valued this experience . They have improved their level of foreign languages, and have asked us to transmit to all of you their thanks for our warm welcome and help throughout their stay.


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